Is a result of a passion of mine to produce the most ideal sunglasses for runners like myself. My belief is that when it comes to running sunglasses, they need to be lightweight and © Raul Perezcomfortable to wear, which was the foundation of my criteria in getting the best design.

After countless runs testing various designs I finally came up with a shortlist and although I had my favorite I wanted to be sure. Fortunately as a club athlete I had plenty of running friends to help me trial the short list, because even though the sunglasses are made to the highest standards and the lenses made to UV 400 to protect your eyes from harmful Ultra Violet rays, if they do not feel right when on a run then they would just become a distraction.

So finally with the help of my running friends in Granada Spain (no better testers) and a half Marathon in Almeria, I felt we had a design that athletes will like

Since those early days rather than change the design we have added additional colours for the more fashion conscious or for those who want to be noticed when out training.  Well if you feel the design is right then it makes sense, but you can be sure that any new designs will go through the same passion to ensure they feel great on long runs.

You do not need to take my word for it that I believe these are probably one of the most comfortable on the market, why not check out the nice comments on our Facebook page from our many customers or check out our full nakedrunner running sunglasses range here.

Below are a few athletes who recently competed at the Commonwealth Games wearing the nakedrunner range.

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Recent Reviews

Public reviews for NakedRunner

 You will want to guard them with your life because they are very good.
from the Running Suppliment
the most comfortable glasses I have ever owned – they never bounce on my nose! Basically brilliant for the price.
Simon Freeman Blog
After about 2 years of racing and hundreds of training runs my Naked Runner sunglasses are still going strong, the lenses have remained unblemished and in near- perfect condition! Cheers NR!
from Carl on Nakedrunner Facebook page